"RYO" opened in February 2013, located in Nakameguro, Tokyo.    Space designed to bring the best of the owner chef Ryo Murata's selected Japanese SAKE & EEL in a 8 seat wooden counter.    A luxurious way of experiencing the traditional yet new way of enjoying the meal.

  "RYO" 's Menu is "Sake pairing course" only.    You can enjoy a perfect marriage on every dish and SAKE.


  Course menu served with 7 dishes including seasonal food and charcoal grilled EEL along with a perfect match of pairing Japanese SAKE.    EEL served with 3 different styles, EEL-SHIRAYAKI, EEL-skewer, EEL-Bowl.    The rice used for EEL-Bowl is from SADO island ( Niigata prefecture ) and cooked with Earthen Pot, DONABE.

  The owner chef Ryo Murata sources the same EEL from the old traditional EEL restaurant where he has honed his skills for 13 years.    All the eels are from Japan.    His original sauce is a perfection of his 13 years experience there.

  From spring to winter,  we can serve Japanese WILD EEL on request.    The EEL specialist owner chef Ryo brings the taste of WILD-Caught Natural Japanese EEL to the next level by tailoring the cooking method of this summertime delicacy.

  WILD EELs are from all over Japan from Kumamoto to Akita prefecture.    Depending on the profile of each daily catch, chef Ryo will skillfully lighten up the freshwater eel high in fat or grill the one with tougher skin to perfection to create a delightfully crispy texture.    Come enjoy Japan's EEL gastronomy paired with top quality SAKE of our selection.    


  We deal only high quality handmade SAKEs by skilled brewers.    From more than 200 Japanese SAKE bottles in stock,  pairing SAKE is chosen to match each dish in a right temperature and aging period.    He has many range of SAKE, from many areas, from old to new.

  SAKE generally served in warm temperature, but adjusted 0.1℃ accordingly to the dish.    Blending of Sake is one of the very unique way of drinking which can be experienced only here at "RYO".


  The owner chef Ryo Murata thinks SAKE Pairing has some aspects:

- Created to match the aftertaste of SAKE and the dish

- Paired SAKE brings out the best of the dish

- Paired SAKE brings out the different taste of the dish

  He says, " SAKE Pairing to me is not just matching the SAKE to a dish, but it needs to bring value and entertainment to the table.    It is an honor to serve our customers with the experience of pairing which no other restaurants have. "

Owner Chef History

 - Born 1978

 - 13 years in a traditional EEL restaurant

 - Inspired from combination of EEL and Japanese SAKE

 - Opened on February 1st, 2013 at  Naka-Meguro, Tokyo, " SAKE & EEL Ryo "