EEL Pairing Dinner

 7 dishes with 7 SAKE-pairing

Farmed EEL & SAKE pairing course   15,600yen ( incl tax & pairing-SAKE )

WILD-Caught EEL & SAKE pairing course   28,000yen to 33,000 ( incl tax & pairing-SAKE )  ( can be lower or igher, depending on market price )

[  Course Menu  ]

 - Amuse

 - SASHIMI of  Wild Caught Fish 

 - EEL SAKAYAKI  ( EEL grilled with SAKE )

 - EEL Fin Skewer / EEL Liver Skewer / EEL Bone Chips


 - DASHI Soup

 - EEL Bowl  ( EEL KABAYAKI ( EEL grilled with special original sauce ) on top of rice bowl )

[ SAKE-pairing ]

The dishes will be paired with 7 different high quality SAKE from all over Japan well-selected by the Chef.    ( Every dish completes with the paired SAKE, so recommended to reserve seats with drinking persons only. )

SAKE is selected to best match the dishes with the precise temperature and aging period for its best flavour.

Each SAKE will be served little by little. Total is 1~3GO ( 180-540ml ).    Can be less or more depending on individuals.   SAKE ( 180-540ml ) is inclusive of the charge.

We also have apperitif and digestif ( exclusive of charge ).

* SAKE pairing course  is a monthly menu.

* We can prepare Wild EEL too.   Please request when you reserve your seat.   


  ( Can reserve by the customer his/herself  or  by hotel concierge only. )


  2nd fl, 1-9-11 Higashiyama,

  Meguro-ku, Tokyo


  by taxi  from Shibuya station --> 8 mins

  on foot  from Nakameguro station --> 8 mins


  Open 18:00 p.m.     

  Off day --->  see top page


  8 seats  ( Counter Table )



  Credit Card (VISA/MASTER/AMEX)

Cancellation Policy

  We have only 8 seats,  so please don't cancel or change the number of group 10 days before appointed night.   After 2 previous day,  we will charge cancellation fee (50-100% of the course fee).